Tree Books


For language arts, we worked on tree books. These are foldable crafts we create that have three pieces of writing in them. To start them, we took akua ink and spread it on paper. After that, we took a mold and made it say things about trees. We then put the words onto a cardboard material. We cut this material many times to make it look like trees. I had a second layer to mine, as to add more texture. After this step. We took papers and put the akua ink on them. We also took leaves and printed them using ink. We cut the papers into leaves and the shapes of trees and glued them to our books. Them, we had to write three pieces of writing and glue them to the book. Once we finished, they were displayed in the Frank Gallery at University Place, a nearby mall.


If you do not know what stocks are, stocks are shares of companies. Every time you buy a stock, you buy a share of a company. When the stock market goes up, those stocks get more expensive. Once you buy a stock, you can sell it for a higher price than you bought it for. Many people get rich off the stock market. So, in Language Arts class, we did a stock project. We would not actually invest in anything, but we would get a share of the money, not real money, imaginary money. Then, we chose what to invest in. When we ran out of money, we put our investments into a google sheets sheet. We plugged in some formulas and then could calculate how much we gained or lost. In the end, everyone gained money and everyone was happy because they had a good first experience with stocks- NO. That is not what happened. Many of our stocks crashed, and everyone in our class ended up losing money. But, it was a good experience to learn and see how stocks work. And besides, we lost no real money. It is always good to check which stocks are going up and down, as the saying goes: “Buy low, sell high!”

Moorhead Planetarium



For a field trip, we went to the Moorhead Planetarium. Originally, it was used to train astronauts to get them familiar with “guide stars” to help them know where they are. Now, it is a public place anyone can go to. Our trip started with us getting on a bus and heading to the planetarium. Once we got there, we waited outside for a bit. Then, we went into the science lab. At first, they showed us magnets and electric generators. But then, the instructor brought out a huge container of something. She poured it into a bowl, and it started to turn into steam. It was called liquid nitrogen. So, if you are unfamiliar with this stuff, it is… very cold gas frozen into water. It is in a very cold container, but when you take it into a room temps true, for example, it starts to turn back to nitrogen. It is as if you poured a giant jug of water in your house. All over your furniture and items. And then, it just steamed into the air. That’s what it was. So, she took a plastic ball, very elastic, and tried to smash it with her hand. It did not work, it was a plastic ball. Then, she put it in a thermos of liquid nitrogen. Then, she took it out and SMASHED IT TO PIECES with her bare hand. It was amazing. Next, we went into an exhibit where you just walk around, like a museum. We then had lunch, and for the part you are waiting for, we went to the planetarium dome. It showed a cool video about the stars and rockets. After that, new went back. I did not know that the planetarium was used to train astronauts. Either way, it was a very fun experience.

Book Recommendations

Book Recommendations

Today, I am going to show you a book that I highly recommend you read. It is called, “Raid of No Return.” It is the story about 80 pilots going on a mission during World War Two. This story takes place after the attack of Pearl Harbor. The main characters are army air corps pilots. It shows the hardships they all went through in their mission. The mission is known by history as the “Doolittle Raid” after the person who set up the raid, Colonel James Doolittle. This book has action, suspense and very great illustrations. It is written by the author Nathan Hale. I highly suggest this book to anyone who likes history or wants to learn about planes. What the mysterious mission is, you may be asking? You’ll have to read it to find out! Happy reading!

Wisdom Tale


Wisdom Tales are tales told from around the world. They are very old, but a lot of the things told reflect human behavior today. We were assigned to create a comic on a wisdom tale we read. I chose Empty Cup Mind because I thought it had a good story and message. It originated in Japan. It starts with a Japanese monk who travels from master to master to learn about zen arts. He comes upon one wise master and asks for his teachings, eager and impatient. The wise master invites him inside and gives him tea. He spills the tea outside the cup, and the young monk yells at him. The wise master tells him that his mind is full, like the cup. The moral was to have a clean mind, don’t be distracted and have so many things to do, be patient.

Now, for the comic,  I used two apps. For formatting the comic, I used Comic Life 3.  I strongly recommend it for anyone wanting to make a comic. For the illustrations I used Auto Desk Sketchbook, witch I also recommend. I formatted all of these into the comic you see here.

Egg Drop

In science class, we had an assignment to create a lander with a descent system, landing system and payload chamber. We would put an egg in the payload chamber. We had to make a lander that would be dropped off a building, and had to land the egg safely. What I did was start with making sturdy landing legs. Triangles are the strongest shape, so I used those for my lander. My landing legs where popsicle sticks with bendy straws taped to them. This made my lander have a strong landing system but also made it heavy. I used a tin can for the payload chamber. I put soft bubble wrap and cotton balls inside it. For a parachute we used a fabric sheet cut into a circle, with 6 attachment points for strings. This is my lander up close.
My lander had a good payload chamber and had a good landing and descent system, but it was very heavy. I had to hope that my landers systems would protect the egg. When we dropped the egg, the parachute unfurled exactly as I planned. The parachute was big enough to slow it down enough to have a somewhat soft landing. This is my lander mid flight.
As you can see, it is very high up. In the end, my egg did survive. What I learnt from this was that you have to be creative. Use whatever materials you can. And always test and improve.

Daily Habits


Daily Habits

I am doing a daily habit. A daily habit is something I do every day to feel well or do better at something I want to improve. These are important because it gave me a chance to be responsible and also a chance to step out of my comfort zone for a bit, trying something new every day. In school, we did the daily habit of planking. We started out with 30 seconds, then went to 45, one minute, until we went to 3 minutes and above. I did this habit every day to become stronger. It started hard, even though it was very short time at the beginning. It was hard for my mind to keep up with the planking for a while. We went to longer times, and eventually I got better at it. I kept practicing and I improved.  We then all did the “plank as long as you can,” plank. I decided I would do at least 3 minutes because it was the longest we had done. My mind was telling me to give up, but I powered through it. In the end, my time was 5 min and 7 seconds. I was very proud for achieving this goal. During this, I was taught responsibilities because I had to do this every day. Now we are choosing our own daily habit.

My daily habit is 10 crunches every day. I chose this because getting exercise every day is important. Usually if you go running or playing an outside game you do not exercise your core muscles, and crunches help your core a lot. It is good for us to get a chance to try something new and get better at it. That is why I want to do 10 crunches a day for my daily habit. So far, crunches have been going well for me. I find them fun but tiring at the same time. I am probably going to do more of them later, go to 15 then 20 then above. I am excited to start out my new daily habit!

Window or Mirror?


Books can be windows or mirrors. A window would be a new world, new characters, or unfamiliar things to you. A mirror is a book that you can connect to. I am reading a book. Is this book a window or a mirror?

My book, Wings of Fire: Moon Rising is a window.

Moon Rising is a window because it is a fantasy world with dragons. It has giant caves, mountains larger than anything, and humans are not an advanced civilization like today. I cannot connect to dragons because they are mythical creatures. They do not actually exist. I also cannot connect to the human’s state of civilization. It looks like this takes place about 500 years ago, judging by what they build and tools they use. This book is a window to a new world. I cannot see myself in that world, but I am in this world, which is why this book is a window.

What’s In My Backpack?

“Not on my birthday Katrina. Not on my birthday.”

In the book Finding Someplace, Reesie Boon had to escape her home due to a hurricane. She brought her parents’ important papers, and some other supplies like her phone. What I would bring would be more than just some of those things. It is close to my birthday, so this fits with the story of Reesie Boon. Hurricane Catrina went over her hometown in Louisiana. If Reesie could  take all the items she wanted, what would she take? She would probably bring her sketchbook for modeling clothes, her grandmother’s sewing machine, and some string to sew more clothes in her spare time. Reesie loved to make clothing and modeling clothing. So, now, we are going to go over what I would bring on my journey if a hurricane hit my town. Here’s what I would bring in my backpack.

First, I would bring my phone so I could contact my parents in case we got separated. Next, I would bring the deed to our house and passports if my parents hadn’t grabbed them. Then, I would bring a flashlight, if there was no more power. Okay, that is all the survival supplies I could fit in my backpack. Now it’s time for the personal items I’d like to save. In Finding Someplace, Reesie did not grab everything she wanted. Some of her items even got stolen! First, I would bring my Pokémon box, because in the future, they will sell for a lot of money. Then, I would bring phone chargers for my family to charge phones if they die. I also would bring my Nintendo Switch if I get bored. I would also put the comics and books own in my backpack as well. I would also bring pencils and paper because I love to draw. I would also bring a Swiss Army knife in case we needed to cut something. I would also bring masks so we could be safe. I would bring a few Lego models in a bag. And I would bring my Guardian model. This is everything I would bring. If These are all the things in my backpack!